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December 20, 2002 3:06 PM

Nursing Program Recognizes Outstanding Students

Conestoga College's School of Health Sciences and Community Services recently announced awards bestowed on outstanding students who completed their studies in the three-year, diploma-level Nursing program in December 2002. Seven members of the class received awards, with an eighth award going to a second-year student.

The winners are as follows.

Erin Ariss of Kitchener
Erin Ariss has won the $200 Jean O'Leavey Award for Excellence in Nursing, which recognizes high academic achievement (an A average), outstanding application of theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting, and consistent personal and professional growth during the course of her studies.
Amy Kubisewsky of Kitchener
Amy Kubisewsky has won the $100 Dr. Stanley F. Leavine Memorial Award, for outstanding academic achievement, excellence in clinical placements, and demonstrated growth in achievement of the professional standards required in the Nursing program.
Philana Pendleton of Cambridge
Philana Pendleton is recipient of the $250 Sister Beatrice Schnarr Scholarship, which reflects her achievement in attaining the highest academic grade-point average among her graduating class in the Nursing program.
Claudia Resendes of Cambridge
Second-year student Claudia Resendes has won the $200 Judith Cooper Memorial Award, which recognizes achievement to date in theoretical studies and clinical experiences, as well as demonstrated support of student colleagues and a caring attitude towards patients. She will complete her studies in December 2003.
Rebecca Seager of Guelph
Rebecca Seager is winner of the $500 Homewood Foundation Scholarship in Psychiatric Nursing, for demonstrated interest in psychiatric nursing as reflected in theoretical and clinical achievement, combined with outstanding clinical performance in a psychiatric facility.
Kerri Thomas of Guelph
Kerri Thomas is recipient of the $100 Cosford Community Nursing Award for excellent academic and clinical performance, with a demonstrated interest and record of accomplishment in community-based nursing. It also recognizes outstanding motivation, and the ability to work with professional colleagues in the development of teaching or caregiving activity for use with clients in the community.
Leanne Tremain of Kitchener
Leanne Tremain has won a pendant and recognition plaque, which constitute the Nursing Faculty Award. The honour recognizes a combination of attributes: initiative, positive attitude, problem-solving skill, professional motivation, and a caring and compassionate attitude in performance of clinical experiences.
Kristen Verbeem of Waterloo
Kristen Verbeem is winner of the $150 St. Mary's General Hospital (Kitchener) Educational Award for Continuing Education. The honour goes to a graduating student who has demonstrated interest in postgraduate studies, and who has attained a high level of academic achievement and clinical proficiency.

Nursing and Practical Nursing programs at Conestoga have recently undergone significant growth, both because of their quality and because of society's increasing need for skilled, dedicated health care professionals. This group of programs now constitutes a significant share of the College's full-time undergraduate enrolment. As of September 2002, the Practical Nursing program had an enrolment of 165, the diploma-level Nursing program an enrolment of 360, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (offered in co-operation with McMaster University and Mohawk College) an enrolment of 104.

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