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Grow Personally and Professionally with the Connect Leadership Workshop Series!

The Connect Leadership Workshop Series has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally. I was originally interested in the program after hearing about it many times from instructors and guest speakers; however, after the first one, I was convinced of the tremendous value being offered to all students. Kassie Harvey.jpg

In all of the workshops I have attended, there has been a welcoming, respectful environment where everyone can share their thoughts. The four workshops I have been to so far have provided me with the opportunity to learn more about my personality, personal values, and mission; explore the many meanings of community, and discover my and the importance of volunteerism. Some other benefits of attending the workshops include meeting students outside of my program, learning about other volunteer opportunities and programs that the school facilitates, and gaining recognition on my Co-Curricular Record (CCR). By being able to show future employers the CCR, it is concrete proof of what I have been involved in and may give me the extra advantage when applying to jobs.

With the small workshop groups, it is really easy to get to know everyone there and have insightful conversations about personal, local, national and global issues. I always look forward to the workshops; each one has fun activities such as Lego building or a scavenger hunt around the school. Since you can complete the workshops at your own pace you can attend all of them in a semester or over the course of many years it is really easy to commit a few hours every few weeks to complete all 7 workshops offered in the series.

I really encourage anyone who is interested in learning about leadership or refining their current skill set to sign up through the CCR and try it out!

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