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Why I Participate in the Connect Leadership Workshops! By Janki Joshi

I am in the Computer Programmer/ Analyst program, and I have to do a lot of programming in groups and at the same time individually. So, it is kind of a busy schedule, as I was wondering about something which can really help me out to stand out in class presentations. Fortunately, I found out about the Connect Leadership workshop series, I just jumped into that. Personally, after attending just one of them I realized that these are worth attending. This series makes your evenings better and full of learning. As our main motto of Conestoga is 'Connect Life and Learning', likewise these workshops help a person to be in touch with our Conestoga community in a learning way. There are many reasons to attend these leadership workshops. First, they help a person to set and plan goals that create a better future in a very engaging way. Second, these workshops have fun activities and games that are undoubtedly interesting and energizing. Furthermore, these workshops will help you to refine your goals, make a mission statement, and make you aware about your hidden strengths and challenges. I encourage you to be a part of Connect Leadership workshops and get CCR recognition!

By Janki Joshi

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