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Get Involved with the CCR!

In my first year of school I wanted to see what the Co-Curricular Record is all about. Therefore, I was visiting their website frequently. My coordinator encouraged us to go and check what they offer and get involved by going to the workshops. The first workshop I attended was one of the 7 Connect Series. It was amazing. I enjoyed that time so much that I wanted to go back and learn more. The facilitators who run this Connect workshops are great and the practical experiences everyone can get from the activities are helpful when you are volunteering, working in the field of your expertise, or just being involved in the community. Also, you will have the chance to learn from other peoples' experiences. CCR_Transcript_2015-6.jpg

I was so eager to discover and learn more from Connect Workshops that I ended up having all them completed in my first semester.In these workshops you have the chance to meet new people, to know yourself better, and to put in practice what you learn. All this learning and information are assets for you when you are going to interviews, working on a team of volunteers, or enlarging your networking. I liked so much the colour personality test. I was so amazed of how different people are and how important is to use everyone's strengths to make the team stronger. Are you an introvert? This is the place where you can exercise speaking on a supportive group setting and make new friends. Are you an extrovert? This is the place to meet new people and support others.
Additionally, I have had the chance last year to volunteer with Student Life Leaders. It was a great experience. The people I volunteered with were so energetic, friendly, and welcoming I could not resist liking them.

Be involved this year. Look for an organization of interest for you. Go to an event or workshop. Check it out. It might be amazing.

Daniela Rosiu

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