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November 14, 2023 8:05 PM

Conestoga hosts prospective business students for regional competition

Conestoga’s School of Business hosted some of the province’s top high school talent at the DECA Area 1 Regionals on November 12. Approximately 1,700 high school students and 100 judges, including Conestoga faculty, took part in the event at the college’s Kitchener - Doon campus.  

Conestoga - DECA .jpeg
Conestoga's School of Business hosted the the DECA Area 1 Regionals on November 12.

The DECA competition uses role-play scenarios to test each participant’s ability to solve real-world business problems in a chosen field. With ten minutes to prepare, participants act out a scenario with a judge, who then completes an evaluation.

Three separate awards ceremonies were held to recognize the top performers, who have the potential to advance to provincial and international levels.

The event also provided a chance to showcase Conestoga to prospective students through campus tours and workshops on topics ranging from resume writing to entrepreneurship, while the Student Engagement Team facilitated engaging activities.

"At Conestoga’s School of Business we are committed to transforming each event into a truly enriching experience,” said Dr. Michelle Grimes, executive dean, School of Business. “Hosting DECA went beyond the role of overseeing a prestigious competition; it was an opportunity to nurture professional growth and celebrate achievements.”

Conestoga was selected to host this competition due to its history of DECA sponsorship, as well as its facilities which are geared towards holding events of this scale.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools, universities and colleges around the globe.

Conestoga’s School of Business provides numerous opportunities and pathways to complete, specialize or expand business education through full- or part-time studies. Its programs reflect today’s business needs across a wide range of credentials from apprenticeships, one-year certificates, two- and three-year advanced diplomas, to graduate certificates and degree opportunities that include multiple specializations.