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May 16, 2023 10:44 AM

Cool Aeronautics introduces young students to aerospace careers

On April 27, close to 90 students in Grades 5 and 6 participated in an event at Conestoga's Cambridge - Fountain Street campus designed to introduce young people to aviation and aeronautics.  

Conestoga College_Cool Aeronautics 2023.jpg
Students in Grades 5 and 6 participated in Cool Aeronautics at Conestoga’s Cambridge - Fountain Street campus on April 27 to learn about aerospace careers.

Hosted in partnership with the Royal Aeronautical Society, Cool Aeronautics allowed students to take part in hands-on workshops with Conestoga faculty in electrical circuits, robotics and programmable logic controllers, as well as engage with a helicopter display. Students also heard from industry guest speakers about their careers. Pilot and Conestoga Aviation program coordinator Emily Crombez, aircraft maintenance engineer Devon Sensabaugh, and Sheldon Cramp, a machinist with a Canadian international space mission partner company, shared their journeys into the aviation, aerospace engineering and space sectors.

"We'd like to thank Emily, Devon and Sheldon for giving their insights this morning," said Rishi Radia, careers and outreach officer with the Royal Aeronautical Society, in closing remarks. "It's been fantastic to hear your journeys and how you progressed in your career to a job that you absolutely love, and it's great to see the development in our industry, particularly in the aviation and the space sector."

First launched in 2007 by the Royal Aeronautical Society, Cool Aeronautics complements elementary school curriculum with engaging aerospace-themed activities and opportunities to meet industry professionals. The society, based in the United Kingdom (UK), is the only professional body dedicated to aerospace, aviation, and space communities to further the advancement of aeronautical art, science and engineering around the world. Conestoga's event is only the second to be hosted in Canada and the first international event for the UK society since the pandemic.

"I’m really excited for you all, because you will all have wonderful opportunities when you grow up to work in this industry as well,” Radia continued. “I think our three speakers have just demonstrated the possibilities that are available to work in aviation and air space.”

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