Conestoga news

March 9, 2023 11:06 AM

Conestoga suspends use of TikTok on college-owned devices

The following statement was issued to the college community by President John Tibbits on Thursday, March 9.

In recent weeks, governments and organizations across Canada and around the world have banned the use of the social media app TikTok on corporate-owned devices amid growing concerns about its potential privacy, data and security risks.

Effective immediately, Conestoga will suspend the use of the video-sharing platform on college-owned laptops and desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Employees and students who may have downloaded the app on their Conestoga-issued device should delete it.

TikTok accounts currently associated with Conestoga departments and academic schools will also be suspended.

These measures are taken as a precaution in light of our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity, privacy protection, and responsible risk management.

The decision to use a social media application or platform is a personal choice: Conestoga’s decision to suspend the use of TikTok is limited to college-owned devices and accounts.

However, we strongly encourage all members of our college community to understand the risks and make an informed choice on their own before deciding which social media applications or platforms to use. Guidance provided by the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity provides useful information that will help you stay safe online.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter: more information will be provided as this situation evolves.

John Tibbits, President