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February 21, 2023 10:29 AM

Internal grant will support Conestoga researchers

Conestoga’s Office of Research Services has announced 13 successful applicants for the 2022 Conestoga New and Emerging Researcher Grant (CNER-G). The CNER-G pilot program is funded entirely by the college to support small-scale projects in new and emerging areas of research.  

The pilot program launched last August and applications were received from a range of disciplines across Conestoga campuses, including engineering and technology, health and life sciences, food innovation, and social sciences. Thirteen eligible applications were submitted and all will be funded (up to $10,000) through the new grant. 

“CNER-G boosts the research capacity of our new and emerging scholars,” said Barb Kelly, vice president, Research. “Through this pilot program, the college will increase engagement in research across our campuses and continue to grow Conestoga’s research footprint for the benefit of our students, faculty, industry and community partners.” 

The successful 2022 CNER-G applicants are: 

Shankha Bhattacharyya, School of Business, Investigating Barriers to Entry to the Workforce for Single Parents and Caregivers in Waterloo Region 

Aaron Blair, School of Business, Applying Agile Methods to Health Information Management Workflows to Improve Productivity 

Elliott Coleshill, School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology, Fine Dextrous Haptics for VR Flight Simulation 

Hamidreza Gol Afshani, School of Engineering & Technology, Solar Water Heater Feasibility Study 

Carrie Herzog, School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Challenges and Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry on Islands in the Great Lakes: An Analysis of Hospitality Businesses During Crisis 

Konstantinos Karanasios, School of Engineering & Technology, Sustainable Facility Management: Reviewing Recent Research Findings and Creating a Research Agenda 

Michael Kukhta, School of Business, Database for Sustainability Projects that Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Rita Palacios, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, From Huehuetla to Turtle Island: A Collaborative Model for Indigenous Language Preservation and Revitalization 

Wendy Pons, School of Health & Life Sciences, The Use of Environmental DNA Sampling in Mosquito Control Activities 

Suzanne Rintoul, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Community-Engaged Writing Initiative 

Tanya Staples, School of Business, Disparity at the Top: Gender Issues and Advancement in the Financial Planning Profession 

Cinthia Watson, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, General Arts & Science Modular Program Research 

Fatih Yegul, School of Business, Impact of Supply Chain Integration on Corporate Responsible Management Performance 

Conestoga has built its research capabilities to provide invaluable opportunities for students, faculty, industry partners and businesses. The growing scope and impact of Conestoga’s applied research activities have placed the college in the top tier of Canada’s research colleges.

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