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June 22, 2022 10:08 AM

First building systems engineering cohort set to enter workforce

Final-year students in Conestoga’s Bachelor of Engineering - Building Systems Engineering (BSE) program are preparing to enter industry and help navigate challenges related to sustainability and the environment. In August, the students will be the first to complete the college’s unique four-year degree.

Building systems engineering addresses the design of heating, ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems for facilities. The BSE program explores the present and future of modern buildings and their increasingly complex operational systems. Through project-based learning and paid co-op opportunities, students integrate mechanical, electrical, and control engineering knowledge with environmental, business and project management to address real-world problems. In addition, students apply concepts of sustainability, environmental stewardship and an awareness of societal impacts to design and development.

“The role of buildings in addressing climate change cannot be understated,” said Bryn Jones, BSE program coordinator. “Buildings are responsible for roughly 40 per cent of emissions globally.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports carbon dioxide as the main driver of climate change. Strong and sustained reductions in emissions are needed to limit effects, and while benefits to air quality could come quickly, it could take 20-30 years to see global temperatures stabilize.

The engineering industry has a significant role to play in addressing climate change. Engineers Canada has called on the profession to incorporate climate action into engineering practice nationwide, including minimizing emissions by enhancing energy efficiencies and adopting low carbon technologies.

“We are excited to celebrate this first cohort of students who have worked extremely hard,” Jones continued. “They are uniquely positioned to help turn the tides on climate change through utilization of their expertise in building systems design, acquired through project-based learning and honed through industry engagement.”

Graduates of the BSE program will be well-positioned for challenging careers in design and integration of building systems, energy and utility management, building operations, and facilities management. Graduates are also able to pursue a professional engineering license with Professional Engineers Ontario.

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