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June 27, 2022 7:50 AM

Aviation students recognized at awards celebration

Second-year Aviation students were recognized at the Annual Wings Banquet, held at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC) on June 3, where they were honoured for achieving their private pilot licences, commercial pilot licences, instrument ratings and multi-engine ratings.

"I was thrilled to celebrate the successes of our aviation students earning their wings and several awards. This year's banquet was especially instrumental as the aviation industry suffered a major setback in the last two years,” said Emily Crombez, Aviation program coordinator. “However, organizations have resumed their student awards, which often include the opportunity for an interview upon reaching a certain number of flight hours. Congratulations to everyone who achieved a licence, rating milestone, or award - you persevered through a very challenging time in aviation."

The following student awards were presented:

  • Aviation Award for Professionalism - Alivia Chanyi 
  • Aviation Award for Professionalism - Bianca Doucet 
  • Jazz Pathway Award for Professionalism - Jennifer Earnshaw 
  • Jazz Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity - Alivia Chanyi  
  • Porter Star Award - Keenan McCammon 
  • Private Air Pilot Scholarship - Alivia Chanyi 
  • WWFC LIFT Scholarship - Lindsay MacDonald 

 Aviation graduate Adam Fuller was also honoured at the event for receiving the WWFC Alumni of Distinction Award.

Conestoga’s Aviation - General Arts and Science pilot training program is the only collaborative diploma program that offers a choice between flying airplanes at Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre or flying helicopters at Great Lakes Helicopter. Through pilot training at one of the flight centres, and classes at Conestoga, students can complete a diploma in two years as well as the pilot training to allow them to undertake the Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Licence testing.