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March 25, 2021 5:25 PM

Students share real-life engineering stories

On March 16, Conestoga students hosted a virtual panel to showcase engineering degree programs at the college to secondary students interested in exploring career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Conestoga College_NEM 2021.jpg
Conestoga students shared real-life engineering stories during a virtual panel to showcase engineering degrees at the college. Top L-R: Mitchell Bond, Brittany Rabak. Bottom L-R: Brent Stansfield, Jeff Scherer.

Co-hosted by the Grand River Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) chapter, Conestoga’s Real-life Engineering Stories was part of more than 70 virtual events held across Ontario to celebrate National Engineering Month (NEM). Fourth-year Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering students Mitchell Bond, Brittany Rabak and Brent Stansfield, and Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering student Jeff Scherer discussed student life while highlighting their studies, co-op work terms and extracurricular activities that help prepare for success after graduation.  

“Something that I’ve enjoyed about my program is our ability to learn complex theories and be taught how to apply those theories to solve real problems,” said Scherer. “Through the program, I have also had the experience of working as engineering support in the nuclear industry in Bruce County, as a deployment support engineer with a company solving complex issues in health care with hospital networks across North America, and as a systems analyst for a company that offers operations as a service.”

In addition to curriculum that offers hands-on learning and co-op work terms that provide valuable real-world experience, students also discussed access to extracurricular activities that support development. Design teams, including mini Baja, formula electric and concrete toboggan, as well as various clubs and societies, provide Conestoga engineering and technology students with a well-rounded and solid foundation to build skills.  

“I remember coming to tour Conestoga before I started and saw first-year student projects, including a robotic arm, and thought, I have no idea how to make that. How am I going to learn that in one year?” said Rabak. “You will learn the skills you need by coming into the program - it’s designed that way. Don’t be intimidated.”

Celebrated annually during March, NEM showcases engineering excellence in Canada to strengthen bonds within the profession and society. Events are organized and led by volunteers to support lifelong learning and encourage youth to explore engineering career possibilities.

The School of Engineering & Technology offers a comprehensive suite of programs with a wide range of credentials. Conestoga is the only college in Ontario to offer fully accredited engineering degrees. Programs feature project-based learning, co-op work experience and applied research opportunities to prepare graduates for success in their chosen fields.