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February 19, 2021 9:49 AM

At-home dinner series launches this month

Conestoga’s School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts will launch its first virtual Continuing Education classes this month with an at-home dinner series that begins February 24. Classes will be delivered through guided instruction over Zoom with Chef Brad Lomanto.

Conestoga College - Brad Lomanto1.jpg
Join Chef Brad Lomanto for an at-home dinner series that launches February 24.

“The classes are designed for anyone who is preparing a meal at home,” said Lomanto. “We wanted them to be interesting yet accessible, so we haven’t included any technical or really challenging recipes. We’ve modified delivery from our usual in-person classes that rely heavily on our equipment and unique space at the college.”

The series kicks off with a Taste of Tuscany where participants will prepare a main course of veal osso bucco with creamy polenta, oven roasted tomatoes and crushed pistachio gremolata. 

“When deciding on menus the first consideration was obviously accessibility,” added Lomanto. “Can these be done by the average home cook? Tools were another consideration -- some recipes will require a well-stocked kitchen.”

On March 3, Lomanto will present Fresh Linguine Carbonara, which will be followed by three other classes during March: Plant-Based Cooking, Family Night and Winter Warmers.

“The recipes we decided on are sort of a greatest hits collection: people love Italian cuisine, so I did lean heavily on that, but I tried to offer a good balance as well. There is a hearty braised meat, but also a plant-based evening and a family night.”

Common household kitchen tools will be needed, and any unique tools required will be listed in the class description.

Registration for the new dinner series is available through Conestoga’s Continuing Education. Visit the dinner series links below for more information.

Taste of Tuscany, February 24

Prepare a main course of veal osso bucco with creamy polenta, oven roasted tomatoes and crushed pistachio gremolata, with Ricciarelli di Sienna (almond cookies). 

Fresh Linguine Carbonara, March 3

Enjoy a homemade linguine carbonara and an appetizer of prosciutto and melon with cucumber and mint. Demonstration will include hand mixing pasta dough and shaping various noodles including farfalle, orecchiette and tortellini. 

Plant-Based Cooking, March 9

In this vegan class, prepare a zucchini “noodle” salad with fennel, chilies and cashew “parmesan” as well as a no-cheese mac and cheese.

Family Night, March 19

This easy to assemble, interactive menu features the ultimate rice bowl, and decadent chocolate brownies.

Winter Warmers, March 24

Prepare mushroom risotto with crispy bacon and brown butter-caper vinaigrette, finished with baked dark chocolate crackle cookies.