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December 17, 2020 9:47 AM

Facility management students present studio projects

Second-year students in Conestoga's Bachelor of Applied Technology - Architecture - Project and Facility Management (APFM) program presented studio projects on December 15 to a virtual panel of judges and special guests.

Conestoga College_APFM studio 2020.jpg
Second-year APFM students presented studio projects that investigated contemporary design requirements for a new core and shell commercial office building in Cambridge.

The projects were a culminating component of the program's Studio III course, which employs an integrated design process that incorporates architectural and engineering design. Working in teams, students investigated contemporary design requirements for a new low-rise, multi-tenant, high-performance core and shell commercial office building in Cambridge.

A growing model in deveopment, core and shell sees the construction of a base building with interior leasable spaces for tenant fit-outs. The trend has led to an increase in project and facility management opportunities. Student designs focused on addressing current standards, issues and considerations of facility management and building disciplines in light of cultural, technological and environmental precepts.  Projects completed in Studio III will serve as a foundation as students move into Studio IV.  

Among the judging panel was special guest Karl Innanen, a managing director at Colliers International. A leading commercial real estate and investment management firm, Colliers provides expert advice to maximize property value for real estate occupiers, owners and investors. As a regular guest speaker and judge, Innanen shares industry insights with APFM students to enhance their understanding of commercial office space beyond building aesthetics, including tenant needs, code and zoning, and function.

"I enjoy being included in studio presentations and learn a lot from the way students approach their projects," said Innanen. "With 30 years in the business, I can get pretty stuck in the way I look at things. To hear student ideas and get a glimpse of what they'll bring to the market and to employers, I get really excited about the future of the industry."

Conestoga's unique four-year APFM co-op degree program is the only in Canada to be accredited by the IFMA Foundation. The program focuses on the entire architectural process from the planning phase through to occupancy and the adaptive re-use of buildings. Students gain strong foundations in architecture, construction, basic engineering and business; insight into project and facility management; and have additional exposure to liberal arts disciplines and practical applications for the business enterprise.