Conestoga news

November 23, 2020 10:53 AM

Message to all Conestoga employees

The following message was distributed to all Conestoga employees on behalf of Dean Bulloch, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, on November 23.

We want to thank everyone for their continued efforts to protect our community during these difficult times. This period has extended longer than some of us may have imagined; however, our diligence cannot waiver. We must all adhere to our protocols to keep each other safe and ensure the continued viability of in-person programs and service delivery. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the critical role that our Security staff and guards play in protecting the Conestoga community. Their responsibilities are significant, and they deserve our respect as well as our cooperation. 

As COVID-19 cases increase in our community and across the province, compliance with our infection prevention and control measures is more important than ever. Waterloo Region has been moved to the red 'control' level of the provincial COVID-19 response framework effective this morning, Monday, November 23. According to Public Health officials, Waterloo Region residents should consider COVID-19 to be widely circulating in the community. Residents are encouraged to stay home and only go out for essential purposes.

We ask all employees to pay close attention to the following safety measures: 

  • Submit an “Access to Campus” request for any on-site activity which is not pre-approved. 
  • Complete the COVID-19 Screening Questions on the Conestoga Mobile Safety App before arriving on campus. 
  • Wear a college provided face mask at all times while on campus, even while working alone. 
  • Stagger breaks within teams/departments. 
  • Eat in designated/approved spaces, alone if possible, and physically distanced if not possible. Note that this requirement applies equally to members of the same household if/while they are on-site. 
  • Enter the campus/site through the designated door, including re-entry after breaks or lunch. 
  • Arrange for any take-out food delivery to the main entry door, ensuring distanced transaction. 
  • If you are required to drink water in your workspace, replace your mask as soon as possible, and ensure that you are not talking while your mask is down. 
  • If you have any questions about interpreting protocols for your specific space or area, speak with your manager. 
  • Report any issues or concerns to Campus Security at extension 3357. 

We’re all in this together 

Students and employees have an important part to play in limiting the risk of COVID-19. It is up to everyone to follow public health guidance and respect each other as we share our campus space. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please wear a mask. Please continue to follow signage, adhere to policies, follow physical distancing, and hand hygiene recommendations. 

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our community safe.   

Dean Bulloch MBA, CHRE
Associate Vice President, Human Resources