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March 29, 2020 10:45 AM

Faculty Winter 2020 FAQs

Faculty FAQs will be updated regularly to reflect operational changes in governmental and college responses to COVID-19.

Need help understanding what’s changed on this page? For a list of additions, removals and updates to questions, visit Faculty FAQs History.

Visit COVID-19 Updates for a snapshot of recent changes across all college resources and information in response to COVID-19.  

Updated: April 14, 2020

Are in-person labs, studios, and shops at college campuses suspended?

Yes, in-person activities at all college campuses are suspended until further notice. Following public health directives, no student should be on campus to access labs, studios, shops or other campus learning spaces. 

What is the status of co-op work terms for the remainder of the winter semester?

We encourage students to complete their winter co-op work terms as long as they and their employer are able to do so. If students are unable to complete their co-op work term as a result of COVID-19, they will still receive their co-op credits as long as all remaining work term reporting has been completed in eConestoga.

Are clinical and field placements for the winter semester suspended?

Yes, as of Tuesday, March 17 all clinical and field placements are suspended, even placements in which students worked remotely.  

Are there any exceptions to online teaching and evaluation for the winter semester?

No, there are no exceptions. For the remainder of this semester, faculty are expected to complete alternative delivery and online/remote evaluation.

For course and program-specific communication, your Chair should continue to be your main point of contact about college practice. In these unusual times, we are trying to have a flexible approach to meet course and program learning outcomes. This approach is informed by discussions among program teams and the academic Chair.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please connect directly with your Chair.

What resources are there to assist international students?

International students can email for international admissions questions and for advising questions (e.g., immigration, permits and visas).

As well, there are Frequently Asked Questions on the college website specifically for international students.

Are faculty expected to teach at the originally scheduled course day and time?

Faculty can, but it is not a requirement or expectation. For the remaining weeks of this semester, it is important that all faculty provide adaptable learning experiences for students who are studying remotely and often asynchronously.  

It is recommended that faculty work with the program team and consult with the Chair to identify different high- and low-tech course delivery strategies and techniques. Flexibility is particularly important this semester.

For example, some faculty may decide to have a real-time lecture with their students at a specific time as well post a recording of the lecture in eConestoga. Other faculty may have their course designed so that students can access self-directed content and resources at any time in the week.

What support services are available for students?

There is a wide range of support services for students offered remotely:

Can Conestoga employees and students still access LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Yes, LinkedIn Learning is available to students and employees through the Library Services website (that includes a tip on how to link a video). Log in with your Conestoga ID to find videos that can be shared with students to augment online course delivery.

Is there a laptop loan program for students who do not have a device but need one?

The college has been able to secure a limited number of laptops to loan to students who need a device and do not have access to one. If you are aware of a student in need, or a student expresses a need to you, please refer them to the online student self-referral and the request form.

In Phase 1 of the laptop program, the form will be available until midnight, Wednesday March 25, 2020. After this initial round of requests has been completed, the Student Success Services team will consider if and when there may be additional rounds of laptop loans to students.

Are there training or resources for students who will be using Zoom for meetings so that they know how to use the software?

The IT webpage has tutorials and guides that faculty and students can reference on using Zoom.

Are faculty required to caption all videos posted online? 

Faculty are encouraged to make all learning resources as accessible as possible to support our diverse student population.

Given the scale of online deliveries, it is unlikely that every video created for the remainder of this semester will be captioned. For this semester, our captioning priority should be for students who request and need it.

Teaching and Learning and eConestoga can provide support to faculty who have received student requests for captioning. Faculty requests for assistance will be prioritized according to accommodation needs.

Is the winter semester going to be extended?

At this time, there are no plans to extend the winter semester.

Will an extension be given to faculty to submit their final grades this semester?

The grades submission deadline for the winter semester has been extended to May 8.

What are the dates for the spring 2020 semester?

The spring 2020 semester will start on Tuesday, May 19 and will end on Saturday, August 22.

Currently, the spring student success week is scheduled for June 29 to July 3. Given the logistical considerations for the spring semester as a result of COVID-19, the dates for student success week will be reviewed and confirmed as we get closer to spring semester start-up.

Are my course materials going to be available for my students?

The bookstore is continuing to offer both physical and digital texts through their online website. You can check what the bookstore has in stock for your course as well as any digital alternatives available. If you have any questions about course resources, please email our textbook buyers.

Where can my students order books for my spring class?

Students order physical and digital books from the online bookstore with free shipping within Canada. Once students receive their timetables for the spring semester, they can simply log into the bookstore kiosk by entering their student number to see exactly what they need for each class and to order.

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