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December 5, 2019 3:29 PM

New Weston Family Scholars named

Twenty-five Conestoga skilled trades and apprenticeship students have been named recipients of the Weston Family Scholarship in the Skilled Trades for the 2019-2020 academic year. Since the launch of the scholarship program in 2018, Conestoga’s team of Weston Family Scholars has grown to include more than 80 across a range of construction, industrial and motive power sector programs.

Conestoga College_Weston Family Scholars F20019 group.jpg
Twenty-five Conestoga skilled trades and apprenticeship students have been named the latest recipients of the Weston Family Scholarship.

Supported by The W. Garfield Weston Foundation to help increase multi-trade recruitment and address skills shortages, the scholarships are open to students in their first semester of a diploma or certificate trades program, as well as apprentices entering Level 1 in-class training, and have been structured to support students throughout the completion of their programs. Recipients receive up to $4,000 from the scholarship program — $1,000 per academic term or per level of in-class training — as well as tuition awards from Conestoga each academic year to assist with tuition costs.

In addition to financial support, Weston Family Scholars are involved in on- and off-campus co-curricular activities through the School of Trades and Apprenticeship including promotional opportunities, open houses and high school events, as well as mentorship initiatives in the community.

2019-2020 Weston Family Scholars:

  • Adam Altmayer - Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  • Tyler D’Angelo - Electrical Technician - Industrial
  • Madison Dale - Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Repair
  • Mohammed Darsot - Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die/Tool Maker
  • Antonio De Pellaro - Heavy Construction Equipment Operation
  • Deanne Durant - Electrical Technician - Industrial
  • Danial Farooq - Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Millwright
  • Melissa Giles - Carpentry and Renovation Technician
  • Kurtis Gobbi - Electro-Mechanical Maintenance
  • Chris Govier - Electrician - Construction and Maintenance (Level 1 Apprentice)
  • Sandi Graca - Motive Power Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Ainslie Hiuser - Woodworking Technician
  • Hunter Hoyt - Powerline Technician
  • Maya Hoyte - Electrical Technician - Industrial
  • Brittany Kavelman - Motive Power Technician - Automotive Service
  • Andrew Kegel - Powerline Technician
  • Denis Kessler - Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die/Tool Maker
  • Emmanuel Mondliwethu - Motive Power Techniques - Truck and Coach Repair
  • Miralys Polski - Carpentry and Renovation Technician
  • Iain Renwick - Mechanical Technician - General Machinist
  • Mark Salib - Electrical Technician - Industrial
  • Devon Scottie - Heavy Construction Equipment Operation
  • Amanda Steffler - Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing
  • Hakem Thompson - Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing
  • Mel Zegers - Powerline Technician

Post-secondary trades students and apprentices beginning their studies in January 2020 are eligible to apply to the Weston Family Scholarship in the Skilled Trades by the next deadline, January 15, 2020. View the Application Form or contact Michelle Ruston, liaison officer, for more information.

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