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November 19, 2019 1:44 PM

Conestoga welcomes CNC educator network

The Conestoga community welcomed the Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) Network on October 25 for the Ontario Canada HTEC CNC Educators Conference.  

Tonestoga College_HTEC Network Conference.jpeg
Conestoga received funding from the Gene Haas Foundation to help administer scholarships to students. L-R: Joe Scheerer, Conestoga faculty; Joni Jean, chair, Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship; Dan Ferko, president, Haas Factory Outlet; Lou Dropka, Conestoga faculty.

Hosted by Conestoga’s School of Trades & Apprenticeship at the college’s Woodworking Centre of Ontario, close to 100 participants engaged in professional development activities related to CNC machining. Secondary and post-secondary educators from across the province, administrators and advocates in advanced manufacturing networked, viewed live demonstrations of CNC technology and discussed best practices with both educator and industry panels.

The HTEC Network is an industry- and education-led initiative enabling manufacturing technology educators and their schools to acquire the latest CNC machine tools and related CNC ancillary equipment, software and educational materials. Providing students with relevant, high-tech and hands-on educational experiences, the network aims to graduate work-ready CNC machinists, programmers and engineers for today’s industrial employers and address the manufacturing challenges of the future.   

As a registered member, Conestoga is part of a network that includes over 2,200 secondary and post-secondary institutions and more than 90 CNC technology partners around the world dedicated to advancing manufacturing and productivity through excellence in education. This is the first time Conestoga has acted as host for a member conference.

During the event, the Gene Haas Foundation presented the college with $15,000 USD to help administer scholarships to students in manufacturing programs.

“Support from the Gene Haas Foundation contributes directly to student success by alleviating financial pressures and enabling focus to be put on studies,” said Joni Jean, chair, Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship. “The foundation’s continued investment in Conestoga students is helping produce career-ready graduates to serve industry needs.”

Conestoga is a provincial leader in the delivery of trades and apprenticeship training to serve industry needs and our growing community. Comprehensive programming includes a wide range of post-secondary trades programs that provide pathways to employment in skilled trades careers as well as pre-apprenticeship training and in-school training for apprentices. Visit the School of Trades and Apprenticeship for more information.