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September 28, 2018 11:24 AM

Real-world simulations provide skills training for Paramedic students

On September 22, second-year Conestoga Paramedic students participated in the Minto Fire Department’s annual mock disaster day. The training event simulated real-world emergencies that provided experiential learning where students tested their skills.

Conestoga College - Minto Fire Disaster Day 2018.jpg
Conestoga Paramedic students participated in a mock disaster day on September 22 where they tested their skills in real-world simulated emergency scenarios with the Minto Fire Department.

“The goal of these events is to have paramedic students and firefighters working alongside one another to ensure patient safety and management during multiple casualty calls,” said program coordinator Lori Smith. “Although these types of scenarios can challenge both groups, the resulting teamwork is of paramount importance. Going forward, both students and firefighters will be able to draw from their experiences at the event and apply it to their practice."

The Minto Fire Department prepares the emergency scenarios and the logistics involved, and has invited Conestoga students to participate for the last 12 years. Scenarios this year included a hunting accident that resulted in multiple casualties, a barn party that resulted in multiple patients exposed to narcotic medications and carbon monoxide poisoning, and motor vehicle collisions with multiple patients requiring various extrication strategies to remove the patients from the cars for treatment and transport.

“We are very pleased to partner with the Minto Fire Department to provide our students with this unique interprofessional exercise,” said Smith. “In addition to offering hands-on skills training for our second-year students, first-year Paramedic students are invited to attend and observe their peers and volunteer as patients. Our alumni also volunteer as patients, and Bob Mahood, a retired program coordinator and faculty member also continues to attend annually.”

Guelph Paramedic Services also support the event by providing a vehicle, equipment and staff to assist with the event.

Conestoga’s two-year Paramedic diploma program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to practice emergency pre-hospital medical/trauma care and to function as an integral member of the health-care team in assisting victims of injury or illness. Graduates of the program will have demonstrated the ability to safely and competently care for individuals of all ages, in emergency and non-emergency situations and to administer emergency treatment and care measures.

For more information, visit the program page.