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September 11, 2017 7:58 AM

Conestoga welcomes thousands of students during Orientation

According to Conestoga’s Student Engagement team, more than 4,500 new students participated in Orientation activities in advance of the Fall term which started on September 5. 

Orientation 2017.JPG
More than 4,500 new students participated in Conestoga Orientation activities this year. Students toured their campus, met with program faculty and fellow students, and learned about the resources and services available at the college.

Designed to help ease the transition to college life, Orientation allows new students to get acquainted with their campus, meet program faculty and fellow students, and learn more about the services available on campus. This year, Orientation activities were supported by more than 100 volunteers.

During an Orientation session on August 30, Conestoga president John Tibbits welcomed students to the college. "We believe in your ability and we look forward to working with you to make sure this is a successful year." Representatives from Student Engagement and Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI), the college's student association, were also on hand to greet students and share information about campus resources.

This Fall, the college also welcomed more than 1,000 new international students. Conestoga’s StartSmart program helps international students get settled and provides various orientation programs to assist new students with their transition to Canada and Conestoga. A full-day orientation was held September 9 and a New International Student Welcome Reception is scheduled for September 15.

Many international students began arriving in the Region in mid-August and Julia Villemaire, International Student Activities Coordinator, said a team of 100 international students volunteered to greet them. Villemaire said students helped out because they remember how nervous they were when they arrived in Canada and wanted to provide a warm and friendly welcome.

In addition to providing campus tours and reviewing services available through the college, the volunteers offered practical help and advice that included how to use local transit, where to buy groceries and where to find help and get questions answered.

Aimee Calma, CSI president, extended her thanks to student volunteers. “It was wonderful to see such engagement from our newest Condors during Orientation and frosh week,” said Calma. “Thanks to the amazing Orientation leaders from Student Engagement and the stellar CSI directors and staff for making each day a wonderful experience.” 

For more information about the services and resources available for students on campus, visit Student Engagement