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June 26, 2017 8:01 AM

Respiratory Therapy program hosts live simulation event

On June 21, students and faculty in Conestoga’s Respiratory Therapy program worked with subject matter experts to broadcast a live simulation exercise on Facebook. The activity was completed in celebration of the program’s 10th anniversary and Conestoga’s 50th anniversary. 

Respiratory Therapy simulation.jpg
Students and faculty in the Respiratory Therapy program hosted a live simulation on June 21 in celebration of the program's 10th anniversary and Conestoga's 50th anniversary.

“The goal is to really immerse learners in situations they can’t be guaranteed to have in the clinical setting,” explained simulation coordinator Karl Weiss during the event. He reminded viewers they were watching learners in action who will experience successes, but will also have areas for review. 

The simulation took place at the Cross Centre for Simulation Learning in the Cowan Health Sciences Centre at Conestoga’s Doon campus; it was part of a three-day event where learners were immersed in the practice of pediatric care in both the critical care and emergency environments. 

Faculty member Gino De Pinto narrated the broadcast and explained the activity supports learners by preparing them for their clinical shifts at London Health Sciences Centre. Simulations provide realism and involve specialists behind the scenes who control the pathophysiology of each case.

The students’ simulation was based on a four-year-old who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. The child required intubation, had possible internal bleeding and needed an emergency transfer to the operating room. Students applied their knowledge, skills and critical thinking to practice airway management during the pediatric transfer.

Following the simulation, students reviewed the outcomes of the exercise and reflected on the experience with their clinical experts.

The live event was broadcast through the Respiratory Therapy’s Facebook page and has been viewed more than 7,000 times.

Conestoga’s Respiratory Therapy program provides a diverse learning environment that utilizes classroom education, laboratory sessions, clinically immersive simulation, e-learning and early clinical exposure with continuous role modeling of the profession. The three-year program is designed to satisfy the educational requirements for registration as a Registered Respiratory Therapist based on the National Competency Profile for Respiratory Therapy and is is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Respiratory Therapy Education.

Visit the program page for more information.