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November 12, 2015 2:19 PM

Conestoga graduate wins international competition

Monica Taschner, a 2015 graduate of Conestoga’s Bachelor of Architecture - Project and Facility Management (APFM) program, was named winner of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation’s annual ePoster competition.

The announcement was made at the association’s World Workplace Conference in Denver, held October 7 through 9, 2015. Following a review by the judges (comprised of industry professionals and academics) Taschner was named one of two first-place winners. She won $1,500 US to attend the 2016 World Workplace Conference in San Diego or one of IFMA’s Facility Fusion conferences.  

The competition was open to student participants from IFMA-accredited degree programs and educational institutions with facility management programs. To date, Conestoga is the only institution in Canada that offers an APFM degree accredited by IFMA and only one of 16 institutions worldwide that offers the accredited APFM four-year undergraduate degree. 

Student submissions for the ePoster competition could focus on the following topics: facility management/built environment research and innovations, class projects (individual or group) and internship or co-op case studies of facility management/built environment issues.

“My ePoster was based on my thesis, which was a requirement for me to graduate from the APFM program. My research topic focussed on the evolution of facility managers and their varying roles,” explained Taschner. “I chose this topic because facility management is so diverse and that has been demonstrated throughout my studies at Conestoga, both in class and during co-ops. I wanted to learn about how the career I chose to pursue has developed into what it is today, and where it is headed in the future. “

Research for Taschner’s thesis was gathered through a literature review, along with a survey that was distributed across Canada to facility management practitioners. 

Conestoga’s four-year APFM co-op degree program focuses on the entire architectural process from planning phase through to occupancy and redesign/re-use. Students gain strong foundations in architecture, construction, basic engineering and business; insight into project and facility management; and have additional exposure to liberal arts disciplines and practical applications for the business enterprise. For more information, visit the program page