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April 11, 2014 3:22 PM

Students design concepts for new lobby

When Conestoga's Woodworking Centre began to discuss refreshing their dated lobby and student lounge area to better showcase student projects, they didn’t need to look any further than the students in a program at the Cambridge campus.

Teams of third-year students in the four-year Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) program were asked to come up with design concepts that would update the existing lobby space being used by woodworking students. Working with limited materials and construction budgets, students gave professional design presentations to the woodworking faculty.

The winning design was developed by BID students Emily Voisin, Sydney Murawsky and Heather Schaefer. Their proposed design provided woodworking students with a more innovative and comfortable space to work, eat and collaborate. Wood1.jpg

Student Emily Voisin said the design process involved understanding what was needed for the space.

"We took into account what the faculty and students wanted, understanding there was a need for a more functional space," said Voisin. "Being one of the top woodworking institutes in Canada, we wanted the space to reflect that."

For Voisin and Murawsky, winning the design competition turned into a co-op project producing working drawings for the construction team. Working with woodworking faculty member Ted Padfield, the students will spend 10 weeks on the drawings and the actual project build will be implemented in phases over several years. Wood2.jpg

BID faculty member Ann Callaghan was extremely happy with the outcome of the project.

"This was an excellent example of a win-win scenario for woodworking and BID," stated Callaghan. "The ability to turn the winning proposal into a co-op position for the students is an amazing opportunity for them to further develop and refine their design and drawing skills."

For Murawsky, the project gave her insight into real-world design scenarios.

"The competition was fun because we worked with a real client and at the end I felt a real sense of accomplishment."

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