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February 28, 2014 2:03 PM

Student ice sculptures featured at Winterloo

A team of Culinary Arts students from Conestoga can add ice carving to their resumes after competing in the first-ever student ice carving competition to be held at Winterloo, the City of Waterloo’s annual Winter Family Festival.

For this year’s event, held on February 15, students Ryan Woods and Eric Schweiger faced off against teams from Durham and Fleming colleges on the snow-covered patios of Uptown Waterloo, working through the day to create ice sculptures based on their own designs.

Winter1.jpg Using very basic equipment, Woods created a wolf howling at the moon, while Schweiger carved a large beer mug in tribute to host venue Beertown.

The students were coached by Chef Philippe Saraiva, program coordinator for Conestoga’s Culinary Arts programs and an experienced carver who often participates in professional ice sculpting competitions.

“I got involved in ice sculpting about seven years ago through friends who are carvers, and I took a few lessons from some very talented carvers. After that, I was hooked,” said Saraiva, who has participated in the Winterloo Festival since 2011.

Winter2.jpg Saraiva led the students through a couple of trial runs before the actual event, and plans on providing additional training time for next year’s participants.

First prize in the competition was awarded to the team from Durham College for their intricate swan, heart and dog design. Each student participant received a $50 gift card from Beertown.

Conestoga provides a wide range of certificate and diploma programs that prepare students for careers in the culinary and hospitality industries through classroom learning and hands-on training, including the operation of Bloom, a full-service dining room at the college’s Waterloo campus.

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Story by Laurie Snell, second-year student in Conestoga’s Print Journalism program.