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January 29, 2014 1:46 PM

Conestoga student gains Global Edge

For Conestoga student Breanna Hartwick, gaining skills as an entrepreneur meant spending three months during the summer of 2013 working halfway around the world.

Hartwick, a student in the Bachelor of Administration - International Business Management program, travelled to South America as part of the Global Edge program. Designed to facilitate overseas work placements for students, the program is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment. It is offered at Conestoga through the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Ecuador3.jpg Global Edge provides students with financial support in order to complete an eight to 16-week work placement with a small to medium-sized business that operates outside of Canada. With a focus on entrepreneurship, the program helps students experience the challenges and rewards of operating a small business.

For Hartwick, working as an intern with Marglobal (a shipping company in Guayaquil, Ecuador) gave her the opportunity to gain valuable skills.

“Interacting with many of their small business clients, I was able to gain skills that will help me with future job opportunities,” said Hartwick.

Hartwick credits Global Edge with offering her a life-changing experience.When her internship was completed, she accepted a job that capitalizes on the entrepreneurial skills she gained in Ecuador.

“I will be working as a seasonal facilitator with Me to We,” said Hartwick. “It is an organization that empowers women around the world through the development of entrepreneurial programs for sustainable incomes.”

Hartwick explained that her job will involve the creation of entrepreneurship programs for women in developing countries. Capitalizing on her skills gained through the International Business Management program at Conestoga and Global Edge, Hartwick is excited for the opportunities the new job holds.

An excerpt from a personal reflection on her trip to Ecuador, penned by Hartwick, explains:

“My work will involve taking students to communities in developing countries on educational volunteer trips. On these trips the students will learn about entrepreneurship programs for women started by Free the Children (the parent organization of Me to We). For example, one of their programs in rural Kenya enables women to sell beautiful beaded jewellery that they have been making for many years. With the help of Me to We and Free the Children these women are working together on a business that will sell their jewellery to generate a sustainable income for their family.”

The Centre for Entrepreneurship at Conestoga offers expert resources and programs to help students who are interested in starting or growing their own business. For more information, visit the Centre for Entrepreneurship website.