Conestoga news

March 27, 2013 3:18 PM

Chinese delegation learns from Conestoga

A delegation of school administrators representing the Guangxi provincial government visited Conestoga on March 26 with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and best practices to develop and deliver innovative career education in China.

Led by Guangchan Qin, director of the Yulin Municipal Bureau of Education, the 18-member delegation spent the afternoon with college officials, including President John Tibbits.

Addressing the delegation, Tibbits emphasized the benefits of the polytechnic education that Conestoga offers. Speaking through a translator, he gave the delegation a summary of the innovative ways that Conestoga provides students with education that focuses on applied learning and extensive job preparation. Tibbits also pointed out that Conestoga is one of only ten polytechnic institutes in Canada. delegation.jpg

The delegation was interested in programs offered through the School of Business and Hospitality. Gary Hallam, executive dean of the School of Business and Hospitality, told the group about programs offered both domestically and internationally and emphasized the willingness of the college to forge new partnerships.

Members also heard from Marlene Raasok, executive dean of the School of Health and Life Sciences. Drawing comparisons between the nursing programs offered here and in China, delegation members vowed to keep in contact and examine future partnership possibilities.

The visitors were treated to a tour of the School of Health Sciences and the Craig Richardson Institute of Food Processing Technology where they met with faculty members and discussed how innovative technology is used to train students.

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (also known as Guangxi Province) is culturally diverse and home to approximately 14 million Zhuang ethnic people. The Guangxi provincial government and the Department of Education have invested heavily in career and trade education and training, including seeking out international education partnerships to help youth in the region contribute to the fast developing economy and trade in China.