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January 28, 2013 2:07 PM

Exploring post-graduate options

For many students, graduating from a program at a college or university doesn’t mean the end of their education. These students may undertake additional studies to enhance their skills or knowledge base, or to help them prepare for successful careers.

On January 21, Conestoga recently held the third annual Degree and Graduate Studies Fair for students interested in furthering their academic studies. Twenty-six colleges and universities were represented at the event, presenting students with a wide variety of degree and post-graduate options. According to Jason Humphrey, Degree and Post-Graduate Liason Officer at Conestoga, more than 250 people attended the event: “The goal of the Degree and Graduate Studies Fair is to bring representatives from both colleges and universities under one roof to talk to students who are interested in furthering their education.”

Business Administration Management student Sarah de Boer understands the importance of examining those options. After working for several years, she returned to Conestoga to enhance her skills and advance her career. “Conestoga was my first choice because I really valued how employers recognize Conestoga alumni as highly skilled employees.”

While getting her diploma is an important first step, de Boer has decided that she wants to turn that diploma into a degree to expand her career options.

Conestoga offers more than 30 post-graduate certificates, which are especially important to students looking to enhance their post-secondary education. These post-graduate certificates help to support the life-long learning model that Conestoga promotes.

Conestoga also offers 10 degree programs in the areas of business, engineering, health, media and technology. These programs offer students a balance of applied and theoretical study, merging practical, technical skills with theory and research opportunities.

For de Boer, the learning model that Conestoga offers is important. “A diploma or certificate is just the first step for many,” she said. “I believe in life-long learning, and that includes formal studies such as post-graduate studies, as well as informal learning such as mentoring and job shadowing.”

The experience of being back in school has been positive for de Boer, and the environment at Conestoga has encouraged her to continue with her education. After spending some time at the different booths, she has decided that wants to pursue her BA in business and then work towards her master’s degree.

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