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October 14, 2011 8:43 AM

New ads promote Ontario colleges as the leading-edge choice

A new multi-media advertising campaign from Colleges Ontario promotes Ontario college education as the best path to many of the cutting-edge careers in the new knowledge economy.

The campaign theme for the new ads is Higher Education for the New World. The ads show students and parents reassessing the options available to students these days, supported by computer-animated graphics that promote careers in areas such as game development, biotechnology and forensics.

The ad campaign is part of a long-term effort by Ontario’s 24 colleges to encourage parents and students to explore the full range of post-secondary programs available in the province and choose the option that is best for each student. The campaign includes TV, radio, newspaper, transit shelter and online advertisements which will appear starting this month and continue in November.

According to Colleges Ontario, attitudes about college education are changing. Growing numbers of students are pursuing a college education and increasing numbers of university graduates are pursuing college after university.

View television ads online: TV Ad 1 | TV Ad 2