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September 10, 2010 1:13 PM

Orientation with Style in Ingersoll!

On Thursday, September 9, 2010, the Town of Ingersoll welcomed thirty-two new students enrolled in the Powerline Technician & Construction Techniques programs at Conestoga College. New students and staff; John Hardy, Mark Nash, Virginia Pohler and Vicki LaCombe, from Conestoga’s Ingersoll Skills Centre were greeted by limousine, courtesy of Black Ty Limousine of Ingersoll. A chauffeur-driven, tour of the town and student orientation to facilities available as members of the community, guided the day’s agenda.

Students were provided with a warm welcome from Mayor, Paul Holbrough and Director of Parks and Recreation, Bonnie Ward. The personal tour included visits to the Victoria Park Community Centre (VPCC), the Ingersoll Memorial Arena and the Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre. These venues will provide opportunity to students including both recreation and community services. The VPCC offers a 25 meter pool, health club and squash courts; the arena, the opportunity for pick-up hockey and the Fusion Centre; a gymnasium, internet café, homework centre and a state of the art recording studio.

Director of Economic Development, Bill Mates, a well-known, national, motivational speaker also provided words of inspiration with a short presentation called E=MC2: Empowerment = Motivation X Choice.

One powerful, orientation with style in the Town of INGERSOLL!

About the Powerline Technician program:

This skills based program offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare for all facets of powerline and related occupations. Students will learn the skills required for the construction, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground power transmission systems and may work on transmission lines, communication networks and at electrical power stations.

For more information see our Powerline Technician program page.

About Construction Techniques - Carpentry

This unique program consists of three majors in the construction field that run from 8-16 weeks each in duration over the course of 32 weeks. Students study and practice trade specific areas in framing, exterior, and interior finishes. Students will begin the program in the fall semester and focus on three aspects of Carpentry (framing, exterior, and interior finishes). Students must successfully complete all units in order to graduate.

For more information see our Construction Techniques - Carpentry program page.

Orientation with Style in Ingersoll