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February 25, 2010 11:25 AM

Conestoga Offers New Entrance Scholarships and Residence to Degree Students!

Conestoga College has created exciting new degree opportunities for its current and prospective students. Beginning in Fall 2010, Conestoga is offering new Entrance Scholarships and Guaranteed Residence for Bachelor degree students.

Entrance scholarships ranging from $750 to $2000 will be given to students entering Conestoga’s degree programs, based on the average of your top six Grade 12 U or M grades or equivalent as determined through the Conestoga College admission process.

Entrance Scholarships for Degrees
70 - 74.9%.................$ 750
75 - 84.9%.................$1,000
85 - 89.9%.................$1,500


  • full-time student registered in Year 1 of a four-year Conestoga Bachelor degree program*
  • has obtained a minimum average of 70% in their top six Grade 12 U or M grades or equivalent
  • demonstrate financial need
  • have lived in Ontario for at least 12 consecutive months
  • is a Canadian citizen, Landed Immigrant or Protected Person

*Students in collaborative degree programs (i.e. Bachelor of Science in Nursing with McMaster University) are not eligible for these scholarships, however, you continue to be eligible for Conestoga‘s Entrance Awards and other scholarships. Click on for details.

*Scholarships for students bridging into degree programs after completion of a diploma or another degree program will be offered a pro-rated amount i.e. 50% if they are entering Year 3. Eligibility will be based on the grades used for admission purposes.

Applying for a Scholarship

Upon confirmation to your degree program, Conestoga College’s Financial Aid and Student Awards Office will automatically send you the Conestoga College Entrance Scholarship for Degree Programs application form. In order to be considered, you must complete and return the Scholarship Application Form by the deadline date of September 21, 2010.

Guaranteed Residence

In addition, Conestoga is guaranteeing lodging in residence for all four years for its degree students. That’s four years of being assured of a room in residence, no waiting list, while you study full-time in our degree programs - guaranteed.

*Students must apply and meet the deadline date of April 1st

Students in collaborative degree programs (i.e. BScN Nursing with McMaster University) are eligible for guaranteed lodging in residence.

Applicants with children/spouses are however not eligible for residence

Offer of Guaranteed Residence

Students must apply to Residence according to the normal procedures and comply with all deadlines, including fee payments. The Registrar’s Office will provide the Residence a listing of degree program students who qualify for the offer of guaranteed accommodations.

Other Scholarships and Awards

Recipients may also be eligible for other existing scholarships and awards at Conestoga College. Click on for details.

So register now and earn your degree at Conestoga!

Conestoga offers Bachelor Degrees in:

Note: Conestoga also offers collaborative degrees with McMaster University - Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Diploma RPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Click on for more details about Degree Programs.

Questions about scholarships? Contact Lisa Nequest in the Financial Aid Office at 519-748-5220 ext. 3704

Questions about residence? Contact the Residence at 519- 895-2272 and ask for the Residence Life Coordinator at ext 712. Email For more info click on

If you would like a tour of Conestoga, please contact Jason Humphrey at or call 519-748-5220 ext 2305.