Conestoga news

April 21, 2009 11:43 AM

Conestoga Students Puts Collegiate Fishing on the Map


Conestoga student Matt Pezzetta has gone from starting a bass fishing club at the College to opening the door to all college students to enter and enjoy the world of competitive bass fishing.

Berkley B1 is proud to announce that a partnership was formed with the creator of the Conestoga Fishing Team and are welcoming a collegiate subdivision to their tournament.

Already promising to be a revolutionary tournament in Canadian fishing, The Berkley B1 will now also be host to the first competitive Canadian collegiate fishing tournament. Students will be able to register as teams of two to represent their schools; all that is required is a valid student number to compete.

Since college students are known for having a lack of money, it has been arranged for a reduced tournament fees, with a 100% prize value payback.

There is no limit to how many teams per school can register, each pairing have to abide by all Berkley B1 insurance and boating requirements. This is the start of something great in Canada and we are all hoping that this will be the blastoff for collegiate fishing in Canada.

Interested in starting a fishing club at our campus? Pezzetta, a student in Conestoga's excellent Architecture - Project and Facility Management program, has some advice.

It is quite a simple process in starting your own fishing club at your campus. All that is needed is a dedicated angler. Start by putting up posters around the school. Have an email set-up for students to direct questions and sign-up with, such as

Once you have a small group of students, call a meeting in a casual, accessible area in the school. You don't want anything to formal to start off, it may scare some people away from the club. Once you get comfortable with the people on the team, have an official registration for people to sign up.

It is important to have people entertained and interested at the team meetings. If you feel comfortable bringing someone in to do seminars, go for it 150%. If you yourself feel comfortable giving seminars, do it.

All you need to qualify for the Berkley B1- Collegiate Bass Challenge is a boat with a working live well two students with valid student number.

For more information contact Matt Pezzetta at