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April 8, 2009 4:33 PM

Conestoga Graduates Achieve Best Employment Rate in Ontario

94.2 per cent of Conestoga College graduates who entered the labour force found employment within six months, according to figures released yesterday by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Conestoga's graduate employment rate is the best of any publicly-funded college in the province.

Conestoga's rate is well above the provincial average of 88.9 per cent employment.

Over the last ten years, the employment rate average of Conestoga graduates is an outstanding 93.1 per cent.

The graduate employment rate reflects that our programs produce skilled, motivated graduates who possess the abilities employers need and seek in order to remain economically productive, says Conestoga President John Tibbits. It also means that we are working effectively with employers, moving forward together in ways that will continue to pay dividends for all parties involved.

Other data released by the Ministry in connection with the annual Key Performance Indicator surveys reveal the following for Conestoga:
95.1 per cent of employers were satisfied with the quality of the educational preparation of college graduates
83.2 per cent of graduates were satisfied with the usefulness of their college education in achieving their goals after graduation
79.3 per cent of students were satisfied with the overall quality of services, programming and resources available to them.

In addition, Conestoga posted the lowest student loan default rate of any Ontario public college or institute for 2008 - 6.8 per cent.

President Tibbits indicates that because of their skills and educational experience college graduates are at an advantage in the job market, noting that a third of Ontarios workforce - 2.1 million people - has a college qualification, the largest group in the workforce.

He also states that Conestoga is working with the Ontario government and other partners to attract greater numbers of students to help the province meet the challenge of a growing skills shortage. The Conference Board of Canada estimates Ontario could be short more than 360,000 skilled workers by 2025.

The KPI data underscore the important contribution colleges and their graduates are making to Ontario, President Tibbits adds. We are building on this success to ensure Ontario has the skilled workforce it needs for future growth and prosperity.

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(The Ministry's survey information is posted at$file/09_kpi_Results.pdf)

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