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December 16, 2008 3:19 PM

Office of Applied Research receives approval on seven project applications

The Office of Applied Research at Conestoga College received approval on seven separate project applications, through the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) Connections initiative, earlier this month.

The OCE Connections initiative supports research collaborations, between final-year undergraduates and industry partners, which address an advancement of technology defined by the participating company. Through this initiative, the students get the chance to apply technical skills to real-world problems, while the industry partners get the opportunity to scout potential future employees. As can be seen, the OCE Connections initiative provides long-lasting advantages to everyone involved.

Conestoga’s recent successful applicants include the following projects:

The Mini-Baja project, overseen by Roger Enns, was awarded $5,500. This project will be completed on a voluntary basis with any student from the Mechanical Engineering Technologies (MET) programs.

Three fourth-year student research projects from the Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT) program were awarded $3,500 each. These student projects will be conducted under the supervision of professors Andrew Campbell and Liviu Radulescu, and include the Lift Design project, partnered by Cambridge Elevating Inc.; the Cryogenic Pressure Vessel project, partnered by Fulton Engineered Specialties Inc.; and the Deburring project, partnered by COM DEV International.

The third-year IAMT research project to design and build a Chain Process Prototype was also awarded $3,500. This project will be supervised by Calin Stoicoiu and partnered by Blount Canada Ltd.

Finally, the two projects to be conducted by the students in the Civil Engineering Technologies (CET) program, under the supervision of Mitko Mancevski, were each awarded $1,500. These two projects consist of the Lackner Meadows Subdivision Development, partnered by Stantec; and the New Dundee Dam Reconstruction and Aldercreek Reservoir Renewal, partnered by McCormick Rankin Corporation.

Aside from their OCE funding, each of the above projects also have varying contributions from their industry partners, including both in cash and in-kind.

These projects are set to commence at the beginning of the New Year, and will continue until the end of August.

The Office of Applied Research looks forward to working with all the students, faculty and industry partners involved in the upcoming research projects.

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