Conestoga news

May 22, 2008 8:50 AM

Learning starts early at Conestoga College...

Tucked among the requisite library building and the science and technology labs at the Doon Campus is a small building filled with blocks, puzzles, pretend kitchen sets, and various art materials. Like in all the other buildings found at Conestoga College, serious learning takes place in this small building. However, unlike in all the other buildings, the students in this building are barely three feet high. Not only do they contribute significantly to the training and education of nearly 300 college students, they are also fully occupied in learning complex concepts about themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Recent research in brain development and early learning has kindled significant interest on the importance of the early years as a period for stimulating children’s attention, fostering meaningful experiences, and maximizing problem-solving. This same research has highlighted the early years as an optimal time when children build trust and independence, become empowered to be decision-makers, and gain a strong capacity for knowledge and understanding. And, this same research informs both the children’s curriculum and the early childhood post-secondary program at Conestoga College.

To fully support this emphasis on early learning and care, Conestoga College is building on its forty-year commitment to early childhood education by redeveloping its early childhood learning program. The results will have an impact on children, families, college students, and practicing teachers. We are committed to building this future by:

  • REDEVELOPING the space for integration of child learning, parent resources and adult learning
    • Modernize the learning environment to a focus on child development and early learning.
    • Redesign the space to include parent resources and parent education opportunities.
    • Renovate the space to a focus of integrated learning that connects child learning with college student learning, and parent education.
  • INCORPORATING new learning technologies and environmental features supportive of innovative approaches to learning
    • Include video, audio, and computer capability.
    • Broaden the scope of program delivery capability to include off-campus learners.
  • EXPANDING our existing centre for growth in programming and delivery capacity
    • Develop programs for parent education to strengthen family development and embrace parents as partners in child education.
    • Provide additional education offerings -
      • Fast-track for university graduates,
      • ECE/ESL for new immigrants,
      • Post-diploma programs in areas of supervision and administration, curriculum specialist, autism and applied behavioural analysis,
      • Certificate program in home-based child care,
      • Parenting skills workshops,
      • Seminar series for child care community and elementary teachers in areas of behaviour guidance, parents as partners, curriculum strategies, inclusive curriculum,
      • Degree in child, youth and family development with potential for applied research and university program articulation.

Our goal is to create a centre that will bring to life national and provincial directions that support and enhance child, youth and family development in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Working together with you, Conestoga College is committed to making this goal a reality.

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please download and fill out this donation form (pdf).