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June 29, 2007 9:26 AM

Retail Florist Students Win Toronto Competition Prizes

The students in Conestoga's Retail Florist program continue to earn praise and prizes for their imagination, creativity and technical excellence.

Flowers Canada Toronto Chapter presented on June 6 its design show, titled Fantasy Weddings, Parties and More. As part of the show, the group staged its annual Gold Cup Design Competition, in which students and professionals entered their unique floral pew decorations for judging.

In the student competition, Conestoga students swept all three of the top prizes.

First place went to Patricia Daniels of Kitchener, second went to Anne Liesemer of Maryhill and third to Dianne Carter of Guelph.

Competition rules stated that designs could not exceed a cost of $50 wholesale and had to include at least 75 per cent fresh product. Also, competitors had to adhere to specific measurement guidelines for their designs.

Retail Florist program coordinator Dorina Idvorian comments, "The experience was incredible for our students. They did their part extremely well and have been invited back for the next show preparations in October 2007. I am so very proud of all of them; they worked very hard and presented their talents and learning successfully.”

Program students also performed successfully at the University of Waterloo, in connection with the university’s flower arranging competition presented as part of the institution’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Conestoga student Anissa Nashkewa of Kitchener took first place in both the real flower category and the silk category, as well as second place in the real flower category. Monique Neubert of Kitchener took first in the creative category. Also in the real flower category, Dianne Carter of Guelph took third place and Rose Takacs of Kitchener fourth place.

Retail Florist is a part-time program that combines floral knowledge with design and business skills. It features six required courses, one elective and two periods of workplace experience.

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