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March 19, 2007 4:11 PM

Cultural Diversity Poster Session 2007

Staff and Students from the Human Services Foundation program wish to extend their appreciation to the Conestoga College community for their attendance and participation at the Second Annual Diversity Poster Session.

The students from the HSF program developed a number of posters which described issues related to diversity, social justice and equality. The event, held in the E-Wing concourse on Friday March 16, was attended by over 150 staff, faculty and students as well as a few guests.

Human Services - Group Shot

The topics included: Native Rights Claims and Caledonia, Female Athletes and Eating Disorders, Punishment In Canada and Saudi Arabia, Family Influences and Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgendered people, The Traditions of a Japanese Geisha, Child Prostitution in Canada and the World, Immigration and the Young Newcomer to Canada, the Cultural History and Current Status of Tattoos, and the Influence of Disney Movies on Children.

Each topic was researched in regard to its impact on society and its connection to diversity issues. The students completed the group projects to fulfill requirements for the course "Diversity and Human Service". The college community was invited to submit their "Five Favourite" posters as part of an evaluation and at least two faculty members had their classes attend the event.

Human Services - Group shot

Students were asked, in advance, to prepare for challenging questions that went beyond the description of their topics and to address the analytical underpinnings of their topics as they related to diversity. Students were readily engaging attendees to their posters and were informative and passionate about the impact of these issues on society and on diversity. Posters were designed to "make people think" and to challenge assumptions, biases and stereotypes.

The Human Services Foundation Program is one year certificate program that prepares students for entry into Community Service (and other) diploma programs. The heavy emphasis on "self and service" is a cornerstone in many of the courses.