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January 30, 2007 11:34 AM

Marketing team finishes third overall

Marketing team finishes third overall A team of Conestoga marketing students finished third overall at the Ontario Colleges' Marketing Competition on Nov. 16marketing team and 17.

The competition, held at Algonquin College in Ottawa, involved teams of four from approximately 15 colleges competing in various events such as retailing, entrepreneurship and marketing research which tested individual and team marketing skills.

Lisa Symons, co-ordinator of the third-year marketing program and a professor, said the OCMC is very intense but an excellent experience.
" The competition is a fast-paced environment which requires participants to do a lot of problem solving off the top of their heads and Conestoga has finished at least in the top three for the last nine years," she said. "Our team has received a lot of one-on-one coaching from professors here and has gone through one of the most intense learning experiences they will ever have."

Adam Quigley, a third-year marketing student and one of the participants for Conestoga, said just being involved has added so much more to his experience in the program and the college.

" The quality of education is much more than anyone can get from a textbook," he said. "The professors have been extremely supportive and helpful."

Quigley said he wasn't too nervous before the event, but there was a little bit of pressure because of Conestoga's past success at the competition.

"The experience and great reputations our professors have in their fields definitely give us a competitive advantage," he said. "Any college can replicate delivered information but the professors here make the difference."

Even though it was third-year marketing student Matt Congi's second time going to the competition, he still felt the pressure.

" We present to industry professionals so it is a little nerve-racking but our teachers have prepared us well," he said. "Our teachers deserve a 10 out of 10."

Matthew Weiler, a second-year marketing student and teammate, said they were pretty positive they would bring home a trophy because they were so well prepared.

" Whether we won or not, we've learned so much," he said. "Even if we had come dead last, the experience is irreplaceable."

Deanna Dobson, a third-year marketing student and team member, said being part of the marketing competition looks great on a resume but they have also built a great relationship with teammates and with the professors.
" The professors here want the students to succeed and invest a lot of real-life experience and broad exposure to make sure we do succeed," she said.

" Conestoga has the reputation for being the No. 1 college for a reason."