Conestoga news

October 10, 2003 11:10 AM

Conestoga College Enrolment Increases for Fall 2003

Enrolment in full-time, postsecondary programs at Conestoga College stands at 5,863 as of September 2003. This marks an increase of 4.45 per cent over the September 2002 figure and an increase of 11.46 per cent over the September 2001 figure.

The incoming, first-year group of 3,147 is the largest ever at Conestoga.

By academic division, the total enrolment figures are 1,774 in the School of Business; 1,673 in the School of Health Sciences, Community Services and Biotechnology; 1,651 in the School of Engineering and Information Technology; and 765 in the School of Liberal and Media Studies.

Looking at the five largest groupings of related programs, Business Administration programs have an enrolment of 1,316, Nursing programs an enrolment of 644, Law Enforcement programs an enrolment of 390, Electrical and Electronics Engineering programs an enrolment of 361, and Mechanical Engineering programs an enrolment of 332.

These figures represent only a portion of Conestoga's enrolment. In academic year 2003-2004, Conestoga expects to serve 2,500 apprenticeship program students, 400 preparatory program students, 350 students in skilled trades programs, 34,000 registrants in part-time, continuing education courses and programs, and 8,000 registrants in customized training activities for businesses, industries and organizations.

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