Conestoga news

April 9, 2003 10:10 AM

Conestoga Again Achieves #1 Overall Rating

For the fifth consecutive year, composite results from the independent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) surveys show Conestoga as the overall #1 rated college in Ontario.

The KPI surveys are conducted annually for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities by an outside research firm. There are four surveys in all: graduate employment, graduate satisfaction, employer satisfaction and student satisfaction. Taking the composite scores from the four surveys (the graduate employment rate, plus the responses of "very satisfied" and "satisfied" from the three satisfaction surveys) Conestoga emerges with an overall average of 88.125, best among the 24 colleges.

Conestoga topped all colleges on the graduate employment survey, showing an employment rate of 93.6 per cent for available full-time, postsecondary graduates six months following completion of studies.

"This result is remarkable," says Conestoga College President John Tibbits. "Coming as it does so soon after the release of our Economic Value Report and our success in earning designation as an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, I think the KPI results show our continued excellent performance, as well as our dedication to constantly improving our quality. I'm very pleased at these results on behalf of all our employees," he adds. "This is Conestoga's fifth straight year as number one in the KPIs and these independent surveys have only been in existence five years. I am especially pleased with our top standing in graduate employment, because I think it is clear evidence of how well we approach program development and delivery, and how conscientiously we manage and increase our enrolment."

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