Conestoga news

October 17, 2002 2:46 PM

Conestoga Shows Significant Enrolment Increase

Enrolment figures for September 2002 show Conestoga College has 5,613 students in full-time, postsecondary programs, an increase of 11.46 per cent over September 2001.

Conestoga's numbers compare very well with the enrolment increase recorded by the entire Ontario community college system, which stands at 6.8 per cent.

Fred Harris, the College Registrar, comments, "Some of this growth has to do with the first stages of the double cohort, to be sure. A look at enrolment patterns over the last few years, however, clearly points to the perception of applicants that colleges are a viable and worthwhile choice for postsecondary education, and that Conestoga College has established an attractive record of achievement and excellence."

First-year enrolment at Conestoga stands at 3,082, representing an 11.95 per cent increase over last September's numbers. It is the largest incoming class ever at Conestoga. The second-year enrolment of 1,779 is an 11.40 per cent increase, while the third-year enrolment shows a rise of 9.62 per cent at 752. A total of 59 programs of study are included in the enrolment count.

Among the academic divisions at the College, the School of Business and Hospitality has an enrolment of 1,946; Health Sciences and Community Services 1,639; Engineering Technology 1,209; Academic Support and Preparatory Studies 537 and Applied Arts 282.

A comparison of September figures from this year with those from 2000 show that the enrolment at Conestoga has increased by 19.10 per cent in the two-year period.

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