Conestoga news

October 23, 2002 2:48 PM

Conestoga Graduate Employment Continues at 92 Per Cent

Independent surveys of 2000-2001 Ontario community college graduates, conducted by Forum Research Inc. for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, show Conestoga College maintaining an excellent record of graduate employment.

The College has now released details of the survey, which indicate that 92 per cent of 2000-2001 graduates available for employment succeeded in obtaining positions within six months of graduation. Of a total of 1,038 graduates available, 953 found jobs, with 763 (74 per cent) in employment directly related to their Conestoga College program of study.

This data compares well with the previous survey, dealing with 1999-2000 graduates. That study also showed Conestoga with a 92 per cent graduate employment figure, 75 per cent in directly related employment.

Survey activity has already begun with respect to academic year 2001-2002 graduates.

Graduates of 20 programs achieved 100 per cent employment. Of the 55 Conestoga programs evaluated, 37 had graduate employment rates of 90 per cent or better, with 27 at 95 per cent or better. Employment figures by academic area are: 89 per cent for the School of Applied Arts, 96 for the School of Health Sciences and Community Services, 90 for the School of Engineering Technology, 88 for the School of Business and Hospitality, 92 for the School of College Access and Preparatory Studies, and 95 for trades programs in the School of Trades and Apprenticeship.

By School, the average starting salaries for employed graduates were: $26,521 in Applied Arts, $29,347 in Business, $27,823 in Health Sciences and Community Services, $34,566 in Engineering Technology and $29,852 in Trades. In terms of the number of academic programs, the largest School is Engineering Technology, with 20. The largest number of available graduates, 409, came from the School of Health Sciences and Community Services, with the School of Business and Hospitality close behind at 372.

These surveys, conducted by similar methods by Forum Research Inc. for each college in the system, involve graduates of full-time diploma and certificate programs which are Ministry-funded.

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