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When Rachel Hillis completed Grade 12, she decided to take a break from the classroom.

 Rachel wasn't certain of her career path, and although she wanted to pursue her education at some point, she struggled to find the right fit that would allow her to continue to work and dance. When she found out about Conestoga's part-time, online ed2go courses, which offer the flexibility and choice she was looking for, Rachel made the decision to pursue her passion for learning and continue her education.ce-fall2015.jpg

Her sister Julia, inspired by Rachel's success, also decided to pursue ed2go courses through Conestoga. "I liked the variety of courses available, the cost, and the fact that I would still be able to work and travel while I continued my education," she stated.

Rachel and Julia have now completed a number of Conestoga's 6-week, instructorled and interactive online ed2go courses, including: Achieving Success with Difficult People, Get Paid to Travel, Leadership and Speed Spanish.

What would you describe as some of the strengths you found in taking courses through ed2go?

Rachel: Taking courses through ed2go allowed me to work, dance and spend time with my friends and family, as well as travel. I was able to plan time to complete the two weekly lessons, and could learn at my own pace. I found that I could retain the lessons quite easily, and never felt intimidated. This in turn made me feel quite confident when it came to doing the next lessons and the final exam.

What were your perceptions about online education?

Julia: My sister's experience helped me to develop a very positive perception of online education. I knew that the courses were not only convenient, but challenging as well.

What was your reasoning for choosing to study online versus a traditional classroom setting? Rachel: I loved the idea of being able to work and think things through on my own. I also appreciated the fact that I could take a wide variety of courses that appealed to me and noto be committed to one specific area of learning. I enjoyed doing the courses in my own space, along with having time for my own personal engagements.

What positive outcomes have come from continuing your education?

Rachel: I believe that there have been many positive outcomes as a result of continuing my education. Taking courses related to assertiveness was an important step in my personal growth as they helped me build confidence in myself and my abilities. These courses, combined with other courses in communication and management skills, have helped me land my dream job on a cruise ship. I have been a Youth Counsellor for almost two years now. I'm inspired by my experience with continuing education to take more courses and apply for advancement within the company.

How were you able to fit the course-work into your day-to-day life?

Julia: I was able to set time aside weekly to complete my course work. At the same time, I didn't have to worry if something came up and I was unable to complete it as planned. I was able to change my schedule accordingly. I always tried to schedule my course work at the same time and not leave it until the last minute.

If you could share advice with others considering Conestoga's ed2go courses, what would it be? Julia: Online education is affordable. It offers you a variety of classes at a variety of levels. It is convenient, yet challenging, and has courses that are applicable to everyday life.

Do you plan on furthering your development by enrolling in other part-time, online courses with Conestoga?

Rachel and Julia: Definitely.

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